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What we can learn from plants

What the hell do we learn from plants?

So yeah... First post on my page, and didn't want to stray too far from the original "here's how you do it" format. So, I'm back filling with my own goods.

Little bit about me before we move forward.... I am an avid hiker who prefers to spend a majority of his free time hiking in the San Diego mountain ranges (mostly because they are close). If I had it my way, I would actually closer to Utah and spend all my time in their amazing parks.

A few years back my wife and I signed up for the half Ironman race in St. George, Utah and decided to make the short drive over there from San Francisco (Yes, we used to live in San Francisco, and "No" it wasn't actually a short drive). Not expecting much from 13 sojourn to make it to the area, I thought, "Why don't we pop over to Zion while we are in the area?" Let's just say, it took one visit for me to fall completely in love with Utah! If you are a hiker, a biker, or just appreciate the outdoors... Please!! Go to Utah! It is amazing! But please... Bring your own beer!

So there we were... Sitting on the porch of a extremely cheap, well appointed vacation rental in St. George. Prior to settling in, we made a pass at my favorite high quality beverage store "Wal-Mart" and picked up a 12 pack of cold beer. Upon opening the first beer, something just seemed off with the suds. Like it had no punch whatsoever.

Upon opening, and quickly consuming, the second beer, I thought, "This stuff is shit!!" Low and behold I was bamboozled at the Wal-Mart, and ended up with 12, 3.2% alcohol beers. Fill with outrage... I sat on the patio and finished the pack... which was the equivalence of drinking 3 regular beers with 4 times the calories.

So we covered, a touch of hiking and some drinking... Eats! One of my other favorite hobbies is making meals for my friends. I feel there is no better expression of yourself, and who you are, than when you prepare a meal for others. When you get a sense of someone's tastes, and the craft they put into a meal, you learn a lot about who they are, and the soul they put into their food. I've been told my pork belly tacos are the best thing since clumped kitty litter... perhaps someday I will share that with you all for a better sense of my style :)

Thank you all for reading this far! With out any further adieu... What do you learn from plants? Patience. I am gardener as well and have my own organic urban garden in the backyard. It's not much, but it provides plenty of strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, for me and my wife.

So long reader! (Seriously... I will probably have one reader on this post...)

Hey! Check out this plant below! Totally not mine!!

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