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"Where we are going... we don't need roads!"~ Doc - Back to The Future

I normally post about hiking, which is of course my true passion. I love being outside, being alone in wilderness, but also love the camaraderie of the hiking community. There's nothing better than striking up conversation with a fellow hiker on the trail only to find they are heading to the same camp as you, have an interesting back story, and wouldn't mind sharing a bit of whiskey with you at a camp fire. But there are also times in which I just want to drive in the back country, listen to a little Led Zeppelin, and cover some serious ground in my 3rd Gen 4Runner. That being said, today's post is dedicated to my 3rd Gen 4Runner and our latest excursion to the Pilot Rock Truck Trail in Lake Arrowhead California.

For those of you who don't know, Pilot Rock Truck Trail is a dirt (Sometimes partially paved) OHV road that stretches from Silverwood Lake to Lake Arrowhead. There are varying degrees of difficulty along the way that range from really easy to pretty technical stuff. I typically don't push my 4Runner too hard on the trail, and tend to take the easier routes... After all, it is my daily driver, but there are plenty of obstacles for all skill levels on this trail. Many times you will find even the more difficult trails have alternatives that bypass the more difficult terrain. Now.. About my 4Runner. She's a 2000 SR5 4X4, with 174k miles on it, and is pretty much bone stock! I replaced the stock struts all around with some adjustable Bilstein 5100',s and have been collecting parts to give her a little lift. My plan is to do the Tundra Springs in the front with the FJ Springs in the back, and to replace the current wheels and tires with something a little more aggressive. Somewhere down the line I would like to throw a locker in the rear, but that will come with time. She has been really good to me, has eaten up everything I have put in her path. Is she a total rock crawler? Nope! But she gets me to all of my less traveled hiking spots, and for that I am grateful! So... Pilot Rock Truck Trail... Without any further bullshitting ;) ... pictures of the 4Runner on the trail.

(Little river crossing at the start of the trail with my buddy Jack(He's a little short))

I managed to hit this little stream at full speed while the wife snapped a slow motion video. The regular speed the video was pretty pathetic! But once you slow that bad boy down... pure magic!

The trail itself offers some fantastic views of the mountains and the surrounding valleys. Below you will find a shot of the valleys from one of the lookout points.

We happened to be on the trail in June, which meant there were a ton of flowers in bloom. My wife found some time to go out and snap close ups of several different flowers, meanwhile I snapped a few shots of her :)

Here's a picture of my beast side by side with my buddy's Jeep Cherokee. He's done a little bit more to his toy, but both were extremely capable for this trail.

My last shot from the trail is a "twisted" photo. I know I know... There isn't much articulation, but I am hoping to change that a bit with the new springs on the front and rear. Regardless, we still had a blast and went just about everywhere the guys with $100k rigs went.

Get out there and check out the Pilot Rock Truck Trail! Fun little drive and you get to hangout at Lake Arrowhead afterward!

Have any questions? Drop me a note! Would love to hear back on your experiences on the trail as well as other recommended trails!

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