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Pacific Crest Trail - 2018

When most people think of taking some time off work, they typically have the thought of a lush tropical beach, mai tais, bikinis and banana hammocks, and eating corn dogs served decoratively on a bed of kale (maybe they do?). Don't get me wrong... I love a good tropical vacation! And I have been on some of the best with my wife by my side. But this time I am considering a trip on my own.

I have been considering time off in 2018, but not for anything "normal". My plans for a 5 month hiatus include walking... lot's and lot's walking. Technically, I am considering walking 2650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, which will take me from Mexico to Canada, by way of one of the finest trails in the country.

Instinctively, the first thing people ask me about this is, "Why?" To which I have I have a perfect Jack Kerouac quote "Because in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing the lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain."

Truth is, I don't have a spectacularly great reason why. I love hiking, and I have always loved hiking. I love being outside, and I truly appreciate sharing my hiking stories with others who are interested. I have my concerns about jumping onto the trail and starting this whole thing as well. I will basically be walking away from a job that pays me really well, to do something that has no certainty. So why? Because I believe in chasing the things in life that truly interest you rather than being bound to things that reward you monetarily.

I am concerned about coming home and not having a job? Sure, a little bit... but not nearly as concerned as not trying the trail out and checking it off my bucket list. Over the past year, I have grown more and more discontent with the fact that I am bound to work because of financial obligations, so we've made a number of cuts to my overall spending, and will continue to do so until the day I step foot on the trail.

"What does your wife think about the whole thing?" Well, I am not sure thrilled is the right word. She's starting to think about what it will be like without me around for 5 months, and, to be quite honest, I think she is more concerned with what she thinks she will eat. My wife typically relies on me to cook the majority of her meals. Though she does have a couple signature dishes (Smoked Eggs, and sardines a la can) I am certain she will start to miss my home cooked meals while I am away.

I know she is concerned about her lonesome at times, but she also understands where I am coming from in wanting the hike the trail. You see, she's an ironman athlete. I have supported her in all of her triathlon quests, so she understands how important it is to me that she supports me through the trek.

So... yeah. Pacific Crest Trail 2018! That's the plan folks!! I am sure I will write more on this topic as I get closer to actually planning a start date, but the "Why" seemed like the perfect jumping off point.

I'd love to hear back from you if you've hiked the PCT, or if you are planning your own PCT 2018 trip!


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