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Homemade Hand Grenades - Old Fashion Style

"Want to know how to make your own homemade hand grenades kids? First, you get a fifth of whiskey... You are going to need this for when you decide to start shooting at things. Next thing you do is make sure kiss your mom, dad, spouse, or significant other goodbye, because there's a pretty good chance you'll blow your eyelids and dingus off."

All kidding aside... I mostly likely won't share a recipe for hand grenades (Sorry ISIS)... because I don't have one. I do however have a fantastic recipe for an Old Fashion, that should get you primed in the event you want to make your own homemade hand grenades.

(If your Old Fashion looks like this, you are doing it wrong!!)

The secret to a great Old Fashion is the right glass, the right ice, and keep the water out! Far too often I'll order an old fashion at restaurant purely based on the waiters recommendation, only to be let down. I still end up drinking what amounts to sugar, water with a splash of whiskey, and orange peel, but it is usually a one and done sort of thing.

Ingredients list:

1 orange peel

Whiskey (I like Markers Mark)


Sugar cubes

1 big ass ice cube

... and your steps...

Step 1 - Get yourself a nice whiskey glass Step 2 - One big ass ice cube! Step 3 - Put 2 sugar cubes in the bottom of your mixer (You can also use a little simple syrup instead if that is what you are into) Step 4 - Put four shakes of bitters on top of your sugar cubes Step 5 - Add 3 ounces of bourbon (Home pour ;) Step 6 - Muddle the sugar, bitters and bourbon until the cubes have broken down

Step 7 - Stir until the sugar is dissolved

Step 8 - Drop one cherry into your mixture and mash once!Step 9 - Put a bis ass ice cube in your glass and pour your delicious mixture over the top Step 10 - Shave a little orange peel off of an orange Step 11 - Squeeze that orange peel into your drink, and rub some of the oils on the rim of the glass, then drop the whole peel into the glass

(Your old fashion should look like this when you are done... so good!!)

You are ready to drink!! After a couple of those guys, you are going to wish you made the homemade grenade instead. This is actually one of my favorite drinks, and despite the 11 steps it took for you to get this this wonderful drink in your glass, it really isn't that hard to make. Enjoy!

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