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Mt. Laguna Monday Stroll

Mt Laguna Mountain Meadow

So... what do you do when you’ve requested a full day off work, used your vacation time for meeting with your attorney, only come to find that the meeting you were supposed to attend has been canceled? I’ll tell you what you do, you drag your ass out to Mount Laguna for A little alone time with the mountain.

Today I found myself back out of Mount Laguna for short 7 mile Hike on the Sunset Trail. This is the first time I’ve been there during the week, and wasn’t sure what kind of crowd to expect at Mt Laguna. Turns out, if you hike on a Monday afternoon, the day after Super Bowl Sunday, the place is completely empty! I parked the 4Runner off of sunrise Highway which is a little bit of a change for me. I usually park in a small parking lot just next to wooded hills campground, that has an out house, trees for shade, and next to no one there, But I figured I would park with the crowds this time since the traffic in the area looked relatively low. After parking the 4Runner in the shade it was time to hike!​

Mt Laguna Sunset Trail
Mt Laguna Sunset Trail Mountain View
Mt Laguna Sunset Trail Views
Mt Laguna Sunset Trail Mountain Meadows

The Sunset Trail is actually really pretty hike! Since it is a hiking on the trail, you’ll find it there’s very little traffic here, whether it be bikes hikers or equestrians. But one things for sure on this hike, there is no shortage of views of the valleys. Here are a few snaps from today’s hike.

Little Lake Mt Laguna Lake Laguna
Big Laguna Trail Old Trees
Mt Laguna Big Laguna Trail Lake Laguna

My total trek was 7 miles, which was from Sunrise Highway, To Sunset Trail, all the way through until it hits the Big Laguna Trail on the north side of Lake Laguna, and back to Sunrise highway via the Big Laguna Trail.

Vans Hiking Shoes

Everywhere I hike I see this same pattern. I love knowing that while I am hiking with all of my gear, some guy (Or gal) is out there hiking in slip on shoes :)